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Welcome to my shop!

Behold the magic of mischief! We often forget the enchanting power of our playful nature, but, if we delve into the spirit of our inner trickster, we can unlock a wellspring of creativity! By embracing this sense of playful grace, we approach life with wide-eyed wonder and free ourselves from the shackles of self-seriousness. 

My inspiration is found in the whimsical recovery of "mistakes." I believe that most things people consider "mistakes" are actually moments of artistry slipping into the matrix. While some may view a broken or cracked pottery piece as a failure, I see it as a chance to experiment with new techniques and bring unexpected charm to my work.

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to embrace their own imperfections and mistakes. I want to remind people that beauty can arise from the unusual, and sometimes, the most wonderful things come from unexpected places.

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