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The Contortionists Creativity Workshop NOW LIVE for ENROLLMENT

Emerging and established artists seeking to break free from creative and business convention, embrace their unique style, and infuse playful expression into their business are invited to join us in this 4-hour virtual workshop!

This workshop includes:

- Live transmission of inspirational creativity teachings

- A lively, conversational and educational virtual setting

- Solo and Group Activities that will tap into greater creativity and hone intuition

- Invitation to join a private community and collaborate on future cross-promotional projects

- Live Q&A sessions for deeper understanding and integration

- A FREE follow-up consultation with the Ringleader, herself

Results of the Course:

 Expanded awareness of creative opportunities for making money to support your creative pursuits

 Building business models and formulas that work for the individual and are aligned with your needs and values

A deeply connected community of like-minded artists and creatives who are also breaking conventional rules of business

Access to tools for continued creative and business exploration and collaboration

We start Sunday, January 28th at 2 PM EST!

Early Bird Pricing: $97

(Use code EARLY50 at checkout, available until Jan 1st)

Regular Price: $147

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