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My Baby Business is Growing: Community Partnerships Abound!

This coming month, I'm opening my doors to new wholesale and consignment partners, and since my work will not be available to stock immediately, I am reaching out NOW!

(As you might imagine, pottery has a long production process!)

Starting in March of 2024, I will be releasing my Whimsy and Mischief Collections in stores for wholesale and consignment availability! This will greatly reduce aimless production and allow me to focus on making art for my people, and find them where they're shopping!

Community and collaboration are huge cornerstones of my business, both in pottery and in my coaching practice. It turns out, my craft extends beyond that of pottery, but ends and begins with community. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you now and in the future - in this capacity or some other!


How to Shop Wholesale at A Crock of Mischief:

Look Book
Download PDF • 9.20MB

  1. Choose Your Product: Explore our curated selection of pottery wonders. Everything from mugs, to flasks, or custom items.

  2. Choose Your Doodle: Infuse your masterpiece with personality by selecting a doodle that resonates with your style. OR Request Your Logo for branded handmade products.

  3. Choose Your Glaze: Add the finishing touch with a glaze that complements your vision, brand, or whimsy. I have several to choose from and several available for special orders.

  4. Place order by emailing Jen at so she can invoice you for wholesaler rates! Feel free to peek at my online shop for retail pricing.


Release Schedule: My products are released quarterly. Ensure your first order is delivered in March 2024 by placing an order before February 15, 2024. Orders received after the deadline will be included in the following cycle (estimated delivery June 2024.)

Welcome to my world: the field of whimsy where art makes no mistakes and accidents happen on purpose!

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