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2023 Haunted Holiday Tidings Handmade Gift Catalog

From the creative collaboration of eight artists comes the premiere launch of the 2023 Haunted Holiday Tidings Handmade Gift Catalog!

This gift catalog features a trove of bespoke treasures crafted with care and imbued with magic. From spooky jewelry to the comforting embrace of winter scents, our catalog offers a glimpse of the boundless creativity of these artisans.

We believe in supporting small businesses and independent artists, which is why we are proud to showcase their work in this year’s gift catalog series. When you procure one of these exceptional handmade creations, you not only gain a unique and precious item but also support the artists who have poured their soul into each one.

As the veil thins between our worlds, prepare to infuse your holiday season with the charm of the eerie and mysterious. Don't forget to turn to the final page, where the magic continues with a coupon code that unlocks a discount in every store!

If you are unable to support these artists through your gifting practice this year, please spare a moment to like and follow their pages, subscribe to their shops, or share this post!

Made for the Wanderer III The Shoppe A Crock of Mischief Wild Three Co Ronna Making Scents Echo's Jewels and More Alchemy Accessory Shop

Download PDF • 40.26MB

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