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I'm Jen Reid, the trickster and artist behind this delightful jumble known as A Crock of Mischief. I'll tell you: the journey here wasn't your typical, straight-laced path. It was more like a slip-and-slide through clay-splattered studios, fueled by laughter, fire, and a healthy dose of rebellious spirit.

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It all started in Athens, GA, where fate led me to Good Dirt Community Studio. There, amongst the Friday night "Try Clay" revelry, I got my hands dirty and my heart hooked on the magic of pottery. Rob & Jessica Sutherland, those patient saints, taught me the basics of spinning clay on the wheel, and I was forever smitten. I referred to the work from these early days as “The Missing Piece,” which captured all I felt I needed from a creative outlet.


But wanderlust, it seems, is a potter's curse. So, off I went to the foothills of Boulder, CO, where I apprenticed under the graceful Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster of AWK Clayworks. There, I learned the delicate dance with porcelain, a material as fragile as it is beautiful, crafting wares I now called “Made with Patience,” for porcelain’s many lessons in this realm.


Fast forward a few years, and I'm back in Georgia, this time breathing life into EK's Art Barn. As Studio Manager for the amazing Emily Knapp, I helped renew her family farm based studio into a thriving haven for clay enthusiasts. Surrounded by such a vibrant community, my own artistic voice grew stronger, more mischievous, and utterly unique. Thus, “A Crock of Mischief” was born.

But who am I, really? Well, I'm fire-obsessed, my hands happiest when they're covered in mud, and I find immense joy in gifting my creations (though sometimes keeping them is tempting!). "A Crock of Mischief" wasn't just born from a cheeky twist on a well-known phrase; it embodies the trickster spirit that lives within me, urging me to push boundaries, embrace discomfort, and be unapologetically myself. After all, life's too short to be boring, and clay, my friends, is the perfect medium for a little playful rebellion.

Welcome to A Crock of Mischief, where whimsy bubbles over, the laughter is contagious, imperfections are celebrated, and the possibilities are endless.

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